NAMM Week is upon us!!!

NAMM show is up and rolling! Come see us at Douglas Corner Cafe this thursday at 10pm! We are playing the Roy Vogt 5th annual Bass Bash. LOTS of talent playing that night! You don’t want to miss it!

NAMM appearance announced!!!

Thursday July 9, 2015 Innocent Monday will be playing at the Douglas Corner Cafe in Nashville as part of the 5th Annual Thunder Row Bass Invitational!! Proceeds benefit the W.O.Smith Community Music School and the Lane Baldwin Emergency Medical Relief Fund. See you at Summer NAMM!

Nashville gig announced!

Innocent Monday will be performing at Douglas Corner Cafe on April 16th and 6pm! This is one of the rare times the band will play on home turf and space is limited to attend. Check the IM facebook page for the invitation and please RSVP if you will be attending!

New Single on the Move!!

Following our critically acclaimed single ‘Cage,’ the new song is called Invisible World. Both of these songs cane be heard on and

Oh yes! it will make a great impact. We are so thankful to all of you for taking this journey with us! Let us know what you think of the songs!!

Much love from us to you all!

We are #1 on the National Charts!

We are most thankful for all of the support we have received from our friends and fans to get us into the #1 position on the National Indie chart and the National Top 50 Rock Chart!!!! We could not do this without all of you! Many Thanks and Much Love!!!

Charts are listed at

Stories From The Garden is now available!

Yes indeed! the CD is now available direct from the band. We are going to be using cdbaby soon as well as iTunes and Amazon to host the CD for us. In the meantime, you can get the CD directly from us for $10.00 USD plus $3.00 shipping (CONUS only). If you are outside the CONUS, please contact us for shipping price and we will make sure you get it as quickly as possible!


We are super excited to be able to offer this creation to you all!

Check out our facebook page at

You can contact us there or at



Innocent Monday Live this weekend!

We are getting ready to play for an exciting event this weekend in Hazel Green, AL called Bugs-n-Brats….it will be live streamed from the event and we will be playing 2 sets like at 12pm cent and 3 pm cent…..tune in on youtube here! is the place….
Here is the link to where the live stream will be on saturday when we jam out at Bugs-n-Brats….Don’t miss it!

CD-“Stories from the Garden” coming soon!

The saga of recording a full length CD can be quite entertaining. We have managed to find this one out the hard way….


So as the story goes, we set out to do something exciting-even exhilarating-to give the music listeners something they can sink their teeth into. After lengthy sessions writing and cutting and rewriting, we came up with a number of songs that will grab your heart at times and will awaken you at other times. After four studios and many days wondering what was going to happen, we recorded all of the parts and sent it to a recommended studio for mixing and mastering. A nightmare! That person was removed from the equation. We were no closer to getting the sound we were looking for and the person did not demonstrate any level of integrity…Round two. Another recommendation for mix/master was given by a close friend who had personally used this service. After wasting 4 months of broken promises and deadlines, (not to mention taking our money without completing the work!!), this service was removed from the equation. (see a pattern here?)

Finally, through a rather cool series of introductions, we met with the person who is now officially mixing the CD for us. He has five of the ten songs completed and they sound AMAZING! It will be  truly an honor for us to be able to present these songs in their completed for all of you to hear. We anticipate the CD being finished and in our hands around the 11th of October—JUST IN TIME! for the Bugs-N-Brats event in Hazel Green, AL where we will be performing.

Here is the link for the event (we would love to see you all!)

For all of our musician friends, you will notice I have not posted names as this is not a slam post…Best thing I can say is if you are going with someone to help finish your work, check them thoroughly even if they are recommended so you will have the least amount of heartaches and issues.

Happy Playing and we will see you out on the road!